Swim Workout #3

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Abbreviations: e = easy; m = moderate (pretty close to 1.5k race pace); mh = moderate to hard; h = hard; vh = very hard (all you got); f = fins; p = pull; sw = swim; dr = drill; ch = choice stroke; fr = free; fly = butterfly; br = breast; bk = back

The workouts continue to focus on your base AND drills. REMEMBER – perfect drills lead to perfect swim technique…so when you drill, drill slow and deliberate!  Swim well! 

Set 1:

Set: 2x300

Set Description: 1st 300 = e p; 2nd 300 = f 3x[50 catch-up/50 sw]

Rest Interval: :30s

Set Focus: long glide/strong – high elbow pull

Set Distance: 600

Total Distance: 600


Set 2:

Set: race simulation pyramid

Set Description: 100h/200mh/300m/200mh/100h

Rest Interval: :20s

Set Focus: thumb to thigh exit

Set Distance: 900

Total Distance: 1500


Set 3:

Set: broken 1000

Set Description: break on 200 for :10s/pace is :02s faster than 1k tt per 100

Set Focus: your weak point or ask coach

Set Distance: 1000

Total Distance: 2500


Set 4:

Set: 4x150 sw h

Set Description: 150 = 50sw/50 catch-up/50sw

Rest Interval: 1st 150 + :20s

Set Focus: good glide/good exit

Set Distance: 600

Total Distance: 3100


Set 5:

Set: 300 e p or f or sw

Set Focus: stretch it out/low to no kicking

Set Distance: 300

Total Distance: 3400