Swim Workout #1

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Abbreviations: e = easy; m = moderate (pretty close to 1.5k race pace); mh = moderate to hard; h = hard; vh = very hard (all you got); f = fins; p = pull; sw = swim; dr = drill; ch = choice stroke; fr = free; fly = butterfly; br = breast; bk = back

This workout is heavy on “long, slow, distance” with some good drill work as well. Remember, if you can wear fins during your drill work, you can more easily focus on your technique – not having to concentrate so hard on kicking. Additionally, you will be moving faster than you would be without fins, thereby getting a closer simulation of actual swimming speed. Fins are a tremendous help to any and all swimmers, all the way up to world class swimmers, in improving swim technique.

Set 1:

Set: 4x200 f

Set Description: 1st 200 = e sw; 2nd 200 = 4x[25 right arm/25 left arm]; 3rd 200 = catch-up; 4th 200 = e sw

Rest Interval: :20s to :40s

Set Focus: press buoy for high hips/good catch or high elbow pull

Set Distance: 800

Total Distance: 800


Set 2:

Set: 4x300 sw

Set Description: odd 300 = e/even 300 = m

Rest Interval: :30s

Set Focus: 1st 300 = perfect entry & reach; 2nd 300 = perfect catch; 3rd 300 = centerline pull; 4th 300 = thumb to thigh exit

Set Distance: 1200

Total Distance: 2000


Set 3:

Set: 2x[3x200] sw

Set Description: 3x200 to be swum e/m/h

Rest Interval: 1st 200 + :20s

Set Focus: good hip rotation/low to no kicking

Set Distance: 1200

Total Distance: 3200


Set 4:

Set: 300 e p or f

Set Focus: relax – stretch it out/good glide

Set Distance: 300

Total Distance: 3500