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We are excited to partner with Exercise Science and Performance (ESP) Podcasts. Each 60-90 min podcast features interviews with nationally and internationally recognized guests, updates on the latest training and research trends, as well as product reviews. In addition, several Tipcasts are released throughout the year highlighting short topics and articles in about 10 min. Produced and hosted by Chris Harnish M.S. CSCS, HFS, a Richmond, VA based coach, the ESP Podcast is dedicated to delivering the latest applied research for Health, Fitness and Performance.

You can Contact Chris to tap into his expertise in lactate testing, test interpretation and analysis and personal coaching.  Interested in racing XTerra?  Preparing for the off-road can be far different than training for road tri's; Chris specializes in XTerra and off-road coaching, as well.

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We are also pleased to offer triathlon-specific swim workouts.  Need a little structure for your swimming?  The workouts are designed by Master Swim coach, Bill Swan.  Bill has been helping triathletes for years get to T1 a little faster.  Bill coaches Master Swim at the Tuckahoe YMCA in Richmond, VA on Friday evenings.  Like the workouts?  Join Bill at the YMCA where can give you some one on one pointers!  Bill is also President of adventure racing team, Richmond ASR (Adventure Sports and Racing).  Interested in adventure racing?  Bill is your guy!  ASR is also the presenting sponsor for 18 Hour Scouts Honor Mountain Bike race.  Get your tent, build a team or see what you can do and come out to the Scouts Honor race in September!

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Swim Workouts

Human performance vs survival: what is optimal hydration

Here we are, summer approaching with the warm temperatures I love the most. But with summer comes the fear mongering about dehydration, as well the gimmicks and snake oil being sold promising to bring you to your best performance. As I have discussed on a previous podcast, the risk of over drinking is very real, and far outweighs the potential harm of drinking too little. Read more!

ESP Podcast 44: Bicycle law with Bob Mionske

On podcast 44 we discuss bicycle law with legal expert and former Olympian Bob Mionske. Learn what your rights are, why cyclists have earned (and paid for their road use, and how you can protect yourself after a collision. If you use the roads, outside your car, you won't want to miss this podcast.

Also on the podcast, I review Mark Cavendish's latest book, AT SPEED: my life in the fast lane. In addition, I answer questions on periodization, high intensity training, and E-stim devices.

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Human Performance vs Survival: Unraveling the Paleo man

In the first of an open series, I plan to explore the popular diets, lifestyle, running technique and overall relationship we share with the enigmatic and omnipresent Paleo man (or woman); described here and throughout as Paleo. Did Paleo know the secrets of diet and health, or was Paleo just moving with times? Of course we know the answer to that one; Paleo was simply trying to survive! So the idea of copying what Paleo did is somewhat nonsensical considering much of what he purportedly was or did is actually pure fiction or gross extrapolation. In this first article, I will touch on who Paleo was and I’ll discuss a little of how he compared to our “cousin” Neander the Neanderthal.

The Inflamation Superhighway For Health and Performance

The word inflammation no doubt conjures up images of a swollen hand from a bee sting, or a swollen ankle from a sprain. Few people, however, consider how ubiquitous the inflammatory response is in the body, like your last sunburn, or how it impacts either health or performance. In this short article series, I will explain what inflammation is and how it influences disease and your training.

How to Beet the Competition

In our final podcast of 2013, @cgjones91 mentioned beet juice as the big supplement of the year. Since then I’ve had a few questions regarding my comments on both the efficacy and dosage. In addition, @billyjmacdonald wanted to know what supplements have a proven track record. In the first part of a four part series, I’ll explore why beetroot juice appears effective, and how to make the best use of it.  Read more....

Review 2013 Wrap-Up with Chris Jones, Bill McDonald and Greg Miller

In our final podcast of 2013, we return to the round-table with listeners Chris Jones, Billy McDonald, and Greg Miller. With topics ranging from para-cycling, nutrition, periodization and the top news headlines of 2013, you won't want to miss out!

Swim Workout #1 - This workout is heavy on “long, slow, distance” with some good drill work as well. Remember, if you can wear fins during your drill work, you can more easily focus on your technique – not having to concentrate so hard on kicking. Additionally, you will be moving faster than you would be without fins, thereby getting a closer simulation of actual swimming speed. Fins are a tremendous help to any and all swimmers, all the way up to world class swimmers, in improving swim technique.

Swim Workout #2 - The workouts continue to focus on your base AND drills. REMEMBER – perfect drills lead to perfect swim technique…so when you drill, drill slow and deliberate!

Swim Workout #3 - The workouts continue to focus on your base AND drills. REMEMBER – perfect drills lead to perfect swim technique…so when you drill, drill slow and deliberate!

Dr. Susan Swithers discusses why Artificial Sweetners may do more harm than good

Exercise Physiologist Allen Lim, PhD talks training and nutrition

Preparing for triathlon - Swim to T1 with Jay Peluso

ESP Tipcast 33:  Periodization

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ESP Tipcast 27: Heading off injuries with resistance training

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ESP Tipcast 24: The runners high: Are we really born to run?

Ernest Gagnon discusses overcoming obesity through cycling