How It Works

First Things First.  Whether You Are Buying or Selling:

  • Register - It's free and easy.  Do you want to accept payments via your PayPal account?  Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account in the registration process or update it on your profile. 

  • Add Your Barter Items: Do you have something or provide a service that may be of value to others (i.e. Timeshare, rental house, coaching services, dental services, catering services, hotel points, airline miles, etc.)?  List those items like you would list items for sale and you may add them to an offer if you find something you wish to buy.  Barter items can be used in lieu of or in addition to cash.  Keep some cash in your pocket!

  • Connect with friends - The more friends you are connected to, the bigger the network you will have find and make deals.  Deals are easier and more reliable when you buy from who you know.


Have Something to Sell?

  • Take some picures - Pictures are free, so take as many as you want!

  • Select "Sell Your Gear"  -  Follow a few easy steps to list your item.

  • Review your Offers - Find the offer that is most attractive to you.   Remember to be open minded.  The best offer may not be cash.  You may get offered a vacation at a timeshare property, rental house, airline points, the gear that you wanted…you name it!  You may get more for your item than you would if you only accepted cash.

  • Counter-offering:  Check out what other things your buyers have listed.  See something that you want that helps sweeten the deal?  Decline the offer with comments about what additional items/conditions you would like to complete the deal.  If your buyer agrees, he will resubmit the offer with the new conditions or items.  

  • Accepting your offer:  Accept an offer and you have a deal!  All other offers you received will automatically be declined.  Complete the deal in the method agreed upon between you and the buyer.  If you provided the email address associated to your  PayPal account on your profile, your seller's will receive a direct link to PayPal to pay for the cash part of their deal in their confirmation email 


Looking For Something to Buy?

  • Browse the site and find something want to make an offer on.

  • Check out a Seller.  We provide rating information about the seller and we can tell you if you are connected to the seller via your friend network.  Your friends know best!  Ask your friends about the seller.  Meet-up at your mutual friend's house to check out the item.

  • Build Your Offer:  Make your best offer to the seller.  Check out the seller's wish list to see what types of things he is interested in.  Your offer may include any or all of the following:

Cash:  Is cash always king?

Trade items:  Select from any of the items you have listed on Swichio to include in the deal.

Barter items:  Select from a list of items you wish to barter with to include in the deal.  Barter items are non-gear related items that you wish to use in lieu of cash (i.e. timeshare, rental house, hotel or airline points, event tickets, professional services such as coaching, dentistry, etc.).

Example offer:  $100 Cash, Time trial helmet valued at $150, 1 week timeshare at Disney World valued at $1500. Total offer valued at $1750


Did you accidentally type switchio?  It's OK.  Many do, but you found us!