What's Swichio

What’s Swichio?

Buy, sell, or trade gear with people you know. Use Swichio.

You have athletic gear to want to buy, sell, or even trade. Chances are good you already know someone … or know someone who knows someone! … who wants to sell, buy, or trade that same gear. You also know it feels better doing business with people you know and trust. So how can you make it happen, quickly and easily?

Introducing Swichio. Swichio is an online marketplace where you can use your social network to buy, sell and trade athletic gear. The more connections you bring to Swichio, the better the buying experience.    

Community Experts

When you are in a community of similar people who have a common interest, people tend to know the experts in those fields.  When those experts find good deals, and communicate that information, people listen. For example, if a biking expert told you that the bike you were about to buy was a great value, that input would be likely to influence your purchase.  Bringing Community Experts into the buying experience creates an entirely new way to make transactions with high levels of confidence.

Flexible Transactions

Swichio allows you not only to buy and sell online, but also to barter goods and services. (For example: need a new set of free weights but short on cash? List a trade in exchange for your personal training services.)

No Listing Fees

We don’t charge listing fees, ever. Once a deal is done, we charge sellers 5% transaction fees on the final value … nothing more.


The Advantage

  • Trusted Deals:  Increase buyer-confidence by merging social networking with online buying and selling.

  • Expertise:  Use your network or our experts to answer your gear questions for a more educated purchase.  

  • Buy/Sell/Trade/Barter:  Gain unlimited possibilities  when you utilize our trade and barter capabilities.


Our Story

Swichio was started by two triathletes, Kate Fisher and Wendi Runyon, who were  constantly matchmaking friends who needed gear with friends who had gear to sell or trade. They realized that in triathlon communities people who were linked together through training used their friendships and training networks to find good deals on gear.  They also realized that people in a community know the people who are “experts” in certain athletic areas and understood that when those experts comment on gear or the value of a deal, people listen. One day while bike riding, Kate and Wendi started talking about how to convert that offline conversation about buying/selling/trading equipment to an online community where others could benefit.  They realized that this site would be beneficial to any community of buyers in any sport. This concept would really “switch up” the way consumers buy and research deals…and that is how Swichio was born.



Did you accidentally type switchio?  It's OK.  Many do, but you found us!